Date: 6/29/20 7:50 pm
From: Carole Winslow <cjwinslow94...>
Subject: Warren Co- Swainson's thrush near Hearts Content
On Sunday morning I made another annual trek to the Hearts Content Area
of Warren Co to check my usual spots for breeding Swainson's thrush. It was
a fairly calm and clear morning with a little lingering fog still even at
9:30 after heavy rain the day before. I check an area along an old RR grade
that runs south of Hearts Content Rd and before the intersection with
Mayburg Rd. It's only about .6 miles down in and I check the area around
the creek there and back. I found two up near the road and one further in
across the creek that was singing along with hermits nearer to me at the
same time, what a treat to listen to them at once ! Also at this location
were the expected blue-headed vireos, blackburnian and black-throated green
warblers, black-throated blue warblers as well as winter wren and Acadian
Just a little further down the road on the north side is the Tanbark
Trail and I wasn't able to do my usual through hike to Heart's Content
(hopefully next week), but did go in just to the split with Ironwood Trail
and even in that brief hike found two countersinging males near the
entrance and got a nice look at one as well. Then further in a little ways
found a bird not singing but down lower giving it's water droplet call.
For both areas I was able to make some pretty decent recordings of the
Swainson's song. On the first hike I recorded the hermit, while you can
just detect the Swainson's in the background along with blue-headed vireo
and an Acadian flycatcher, all on one recording. You can probably also hear
a few of the mosquitoes that pestered me all morning as well..
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Good summer birding !

Carole Winslow
Sligo, Clarion Co
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