Date: 6/29/20 6:17 pm
From: Bird observations from western New York <geneseebirds-l...>
Subject: [GeneseeBirds-L] Goldfinches LOVE Swiss chard!
Hi birdwatchers,

For a few years now, we’ve noticed that the American Goldfinches in our
yard are crazy for Swiss chard. When we googled the subject, we found a
bunch of posts about this topic, but nothing about why they do it.

On it says, “Swiss chard is especially good at moving minerals
from the soil up into its leaves, providing us with remarkable mineral
benefits when we enjoy the large leafy portions of this vegetable. Swiss
chard gets excellent rankings in our rating system for magnesium, iron,
manganese, copper, and potassium; very good rankings for calcium and
phosphorus; and a good ranking for zinc. Since many of these essential
minerals are often deficient in the average U.S. diet, this vegetable can
make an especially helpful addition in many meal plans.”

And apparently in a goldfinch meal plan, too!

So maybe it’s the nutrients the goldfinches need. Anyway consider planting
this vegetable if you love goldfinches like I do. They will feed on it all
summer, so be warned, plant extra for yourselves. It’s just plain fun to
see this bird behavior.

Here’s my checklist with photos of a goldfinch caught in the act:

Great birding to all,

Celeste Morien



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