Date: 6/29/20 5:51 pm
From: Mary Saylor <birder...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Great Horned Owl-- but still maybe Barred (was unknown night bird)
Hi Tweeters,

I got some great help both on and off list about my unknown night bird, which helped me narrow it down to either Barred or Great Horned Owl. It’s definitely not young Barred Owl begging calls. The young Great Horned owl begging calls I’ve listened to online are closer, but still not quite right. I’m thinking it was upset adult owls, although the time is certainly right for begging young owls. In the first clip I shared you can also hear a lot of what I’ve realized is bill clacking: <>

We saw the owls fly over while I recorded the clip above, so it’s definitely either adults or flighted young ones. I don’t know whether they still make begging calls when they are capable of flight, but I’m guessing yes.

I’m leaning toward Great Horned Owl. I regularly hear Great Horned Owls singing their duet in our neighborhood in late winter/early spring.

Here are some adult owls screeching:

Barred Owl: <>

Great Horned Owl (screeching and bill clapping): <>

Further thoughts and opinions welcome! And thanks Tweeters friends for joining in on figuring out these birds with me.

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