Date: 6/29/20 4:35 pm
From: m_m_rogers <>
Subject: [southbaybirds] 6/28/2020 - shorebirds in Alviso

Yesterday 6/28/2020, I biked around Alviso ponds A12, A13, and A15 (as well as part of A14) looking for Snowy Plovers and other returning shorebirds. I found 13 SNOWY PLOVERS on the western edge of Pond A13 and 10 more adults with 2 broods of mid-sized precocial young (3 young and 2 young) throughout Pond A15. Both broods of young were in the western portion of the pond and not the family reported in past weeks in the northeast corner.

PEEPS have returned in good numbers. As the tide dropped, they were seen flying west towards the bay, mostly in groups of 10-40 birds. I tallied 386 (128 WESTERN, 11 LEAST, and 247 peep sp.) mostly between 8am and 9:30am, but small numbers trickled through for an hour after that. Many adult PEEPS were also loafing on the exposed strip islands and mud flats, with 10 LEAST SANDPIPERS being seen in New Chicago Marsh north of the north end of Gold Street, 119 WESTERN SANDPIPERS on Pond A13, and 4 WESTERN, 7 LEAST, and 40 PEEP SP. on Pond A15.

Other birds of interest included a VAUX'S SWIFT flying low with a WHITE-THROATED SWIFT over the old cannery building by the Alviso Marina (seems early for a post-breeding dispersant), a very bedraggled summering BUFFLEHEAD along the eastern edge of Pond A14, a pair of CLARK'S GREBES on northern Pond A14, a BLACK SKIMMER foraging on Pond A14, and a PEREGRINE FALCON perched on Pond A15 (a one-year old bird mostly in adult-like plumage).

Mike Rogers
Sunnyvale, CA

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