Date: 6/29/20 4:08 pm
From: Howard West <howardoutwest...>
Subject: [KlamathBasinBirdNews] Clark's and Western grebes, Upper Klamath Lake.
I know of 2 pairs of grebes w/babies too large to carry anymore, or RARELY
on board!

There are at least 3 pr w/fairly small babies, and 4 or so pairs w/babies
mid size.

This is at Putnam's Point. From the bridge to Pelican manira in the morning
is usually decent, with good light direction mid morning to mid afternoon.
And about 3 pairs w/babies are along the lake side from the corner of road
by the guard rail to the corner at Moore Park exit rd. Sometimes possible
to film out your car window beside the road, if they aren't too far out in
the lake.

There are usually quite a few grebes just West of Putnam's Park in the
lake, might catch some in range?

I was hoping to see many more show up w/tiny babies, but who knows when, if
at all this year!
The weather forecast is good for at least a few coming days.

Howard West,
Klamath Falls

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