Date: 6/29/20 2:37 pm
From: Christopher McPherson <cmcpherson687...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Lancy Brook Wetland ebird Hotspot
Over the last few days I've seen a bit more birding traffic at Lancy Brook
in Brookline / Mason NH so I thought I would post a trail map to prevent
anyone from getting lost (trust me it's not hard to do if you wonder down
the wrong trail) and to ensure everyone is following the rules posted by
the land owner.

Trails (approximate depiction):

Rules for all dirty roads (all privately owned)

As far as birds go I had Red Crossbills a few times over the last week, the
White Pines at Lancy Brook have a fairly good cone crop this year so it
could get interesting! The cone crop seems very localized to the White
Pines within a few miles of Lancy Brook. The "Rain Crows" were very vocal
this afternoon, I believe there were three all calling fairly regularly in
the light rain!


Chris McPherson
Brookline NH

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