Date: 6/29/20 1:55 pm
From: Harry LeGrand (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Re: CBC Birding NC guide
Yep -- I vaguely recall that now. I imagine somewhere in the Preface or
Intro there is a mention of this. So -- yes, a CBC "project" -- though
that isn't stated in on the cover.

I also should add a couple of other birding guides that do cover the state
-- in 3 parts. These are the NC Birding Trail books (spiral bound):

The North Carolina Birding Trail: Mountain Trail Guide (2009)
The North Carolina Birding Trail: Piedmont Trail Guide (2008)
The North Carolina Birding Trail: Coastal Plain Trail Guide (2011)

Many of the same people who wrote sites for the Falcon Guide also wrote up
sites for these 3 guides, as did many, many more people.

Harry LeGrand

On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 4:43 PM Kent Fiala <carolinabirds...> wrote:

> I want to clarify what Harry said. The Birding North Carolina book was in
> fact a project of the Carolina Bird Club. The impetus for the book came
> from the club, and I believe that the club recruited the two authors who
> then did the work.
> Kent Fiala
> On 6/29/2020 12:45 PM, Harry LeGrand (via carolinabirds Mailing List)
> wrote:
> I want to clarify what Kevin said. The *Birding North Carolina *book is
> not a Carolina Bird Club book/guide; it is one of the state/regional bird
> and other outdoor activity guides called "A Falcon Guide". The cover does
> say "With contributions from the members of the Carolina Bird Club". The
> editors of the book are Marshall Brooks and Mark Johns. I wrote the
> Foreward for the book, but dozens of others wrote the many chapters/birding
> sites.
> It is still available from booksellers, such as:
> <*north*carolina&qid=1593448197&sprefix=Birding*North*Carolina*2Caps*2C159&sr=8-5__;KysrKyUl!!OToaGQ!4YTsZ90DdBy7HuC1AXzKumnacSJQv9m1TSXZlEgjKwSjktlQbmA1RIgOyvby0NhnoVg$>
> Note that the two very detailed UNC Press birding guides:
> *Birds of the Blue Ridge Mountains*, by Mark Simpson; 1992
> <*of*the*blue*ridge*mountains&qid=1593448638&sprefix=Birds*the*Blue*Ridge*Mountains*2Caps*2C155&sr=8-2__;KysrKysrKysrJSU!!OToaGQ!4YTsZ90DdBy7HuC1AXzKumnacSJQv9m1TSXZlEgjKwSjktlQbmA1RIgOyvbyPc-o2ms$>
> and *A Birder's Guide to Coastal North Carolina*, by John Fussell (1994)
> <*of*coastal*north*carolina&qid=1593448829&sprefix=birds*of*the*North*carolina*coast*2Caps*2C158&sr=8-5__;KysrKysrKysrJSU!!OToaGQ!4YTsZ90DdBy7HuC1AXzKumnacSJQv9m1TSXZlEgjKwSjktlQbmA1RIgOyvbyTqR-V2g$>
> are still in print. Most NC birders should have these latter two already,
> as they contain much more details and many excellent maps, even though some
> information may be dated. They still work very well!
> Harry LeGrand
> Raleigh
> On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 11:32 AM Kevin Hudson <carolinabirds...>
> wrote:
>> My wife has sent me up to mountains for Father's day the past 5-ish
>> years, and I've always planned my trip using CBC Birding NC guide -
>> just a random dumb luck purchase someone gave me for birthday years ago.
>> I usually start at MM 270 looking for ceruleans, and work my way down to
>> Devils Courthouse over course of a week or so. I'm OCD and try to stop at
>> EVERY overlook, even if for just 5 minutes.
>> Since all the campsites on the Parkway are closed, I had to change my
>> plans (and my OCD does not like that!) and improvise, adapt & overcome! I
>> ended up camping in TN and going to Roan Mtn. chasing golden-wing warblers,
>> and spent some time on backside of Craggy Gardens on Stoney Fork Rd.
>> All that to say, reading through contributor credits and seeing so many
>> familiar names, AND seeing that guide was published in 2005, I had this not
>> quite sinful level of envy for all of you who spent your time wisely
>> birding instead of destroying your knees running marathons, then taking up
>> birding when you couldn't run anymore but needed to be outside.
>> Regardless, thanks to all of you who worked on 2005 edition. You help
>> keep my wife from killing me for at least 7 days per year!
>> Regards,
>> Kevin Hudson
>> Raleigh NC

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