Date: 6/29/20 1:32 pm
From: Tom Ogren <tloallergyfree...>
Subject: Re: [slocobirding] Unusual Hooded Oriole behavior
Pineapple guava trees are great bird trees. I always grow them & love
eating the guavas. For years I've seen orioles, mockingbirds, jays,
and starlings eating their petals. We don't have a native pollinator
for these fruits and the birds, shaking the flower as they yank off
the sweet petals...the birds pollinate the flowers and get them to set
Tom Ogren SLO

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From: Mike Bush
Sent: Jun 28, 2020 6:38 PM
To: Judy Neuhauser
Subject: Re: [slocobirding] Unusual Hooded Oriole behavior

Hi Judy and All -
The white petals on pineapple guava or feijoa (now in the genus
Acca) are very sugary and tasty! Wonderful 'raw' in a salad,
actually. Recently I have observed European Starlings taking
petals in Los Osos.
It doesn't surprise me that other birds might take these
energy-rich petals, the odd thing to me is the Hooded Oriole
learning to DIP them in your grape jelly offering! What a TREAT!
Acca sellowiana Pineapple Guava20140501_080117.jpg

Mike BushLos Osos, California

On Sun, Jun 28, 2020 at 4:46 PM Judy Neuhauser <judyneu...>

I watched my jelly feeder this morning. A male Hooded Oriole
flew into the Feijoa tree (also known as Pineapple guava),
pulled white petals off the flowers, flew to the jelly feeder,
dipped the white petals into the grape jelly twice, then flew
off toward his (presumable nest) with white petals tipped in
purple jelly. He's been doing this for the past few days. No
photos ... yet.

Judy Neuhauser
Los Osos


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