Date: 6/29/20 7:49 am
From: Devorah the Ornithologist <birdologist...>
Subject: [Tweeters] drone light show for 4th of july?
Hello everyone,

I'm researching a piece about drone light shows (versus fireworks) for 4th
of July and ran across mention that Bainbridge Island wanted to host a
large drone light show in 2019 but was unable to get sponsorship to cover
the costs, but they remain hopeful for a drone show in 2020. Does anyone
know if this drone light show is going to happen?

I'm also interested to talk (via email because I'm based in Norway) to
other municipalities that are hosting a drone light show instead of
fireworks. My deadline is 30 June 2020 so interested people should email me
at <grrlscientist...> as soon as possible.

thank you.

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