Date: 6/28/20 9:20 pm
From: Tim Shelmerdine <>
Subject: [obol] Lake Co RBA -- Indigo Bunting
Hello, all.
I just got a phone call from my brother Bill, who returned from a trip to
the Summer and Silver Lake areas of SE Oregon. While he and his wife were
picnicking at Fremont Point, along the Winter Rim, Bill (an accomplished
birder) heard a song that he at first thought was from a Lazuli Bunting.
When he found the bird singing at the top of a tree, he was pleasantly
surprised to see that it was an INDIGO BUNTING -- bunting size and shape,
all dark blue. Unfortunately, as he was going to get a little closer look ,
a territorial Lazuli Bunting.chased the Indigo off the tree it was singing
from and claimed it for his own. He was able to get another, brief view of
the INBU in a more distant tree before it disappeared. He will be entering
his eBird lists in a day or so, but asked me to get the word out promptly.
(Atta kid!) He describes the location as about 100 yards south of the
picnic area along the trail near the rim.
I don't know if anyone is in the area or planning to go there soon, but if,
so, this would be a fun chase -- even if you missed the bird, the view from
Fremont Point is well worth the drive.

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