Date: 6/28/20 11:59 am
From: Don Henise <kiskadee3...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Coos Parula Yes 6/28/20
I've added a few photos and audio tracks to the eBird checklist from
yesterday 6/27:

Here are the coordinates to the birds approximate location: 43.397200,

On 6/28/2020 7:35 AM, Tim Rodenkirk wrote:
> Still singing in a large tree-size wax myrtle maybe 100 feet before
> sand road pops back out into the open along the bay (1/4 mile from end
> of road).
> As Lars mentioned this is one of the more regular “eastern” warbler
> species on the south coast in spring.  There are two other spring
> records from the North Spit Coos Bay and two from Floras Lake, Curry
> of just ones I have observed. Always a pleasure to see/hear them on
> the south coast! Roger you need to spend more time in Coos County!
> Oh mosquitoes always quite friendly in this area- absolutely no qualms
> about breaking all social distancing norms 😁
> Happy late migration all!
> Tim Rodenkirk
> Coos Bay

Don Henise

Myrtle Point, OR

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