Date: 6/27/20 1:39 pm
From: Ian Clark <ian...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Saturday loon update
We've got two loon chicks out and about. They seem to be doing well, both
are active, feeding eagerly and look like they're interested in exploring
the world. Today wasn't a great day of photography, the clouds were just
thick enough to leave us with flat light. But I got a few shots worth
sharing. You can see them at:

If you missed the first post about the loons, you can see it at

And, does everyone know that Eric Hanson at VCE and the Loon Preservation
Committee appreciate reports about when loons return to a pond for the
season, when they nest, how many eggs they lay, how many hatch and how many
survive the season? If you're out and see something, send them a quick email
with the info. If you find a loon in trouble, they're the people to call. If
you happen to find a dead loon, they're interested in collecting it for a

Saturday's bluebird video is uploading now, watch for an email in a bit.


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