Date: 6/27/20 12:40 pm
From: Marcus Roening <marcus...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Government Meadows snow status
Hi Tweets,

Heather and I went to Government Meadows on the Cascade crest out of Greenwater WA FSR70 this past Thursday and 2 weeks ago - on the same day as Tim Brennan :-). We approached from the Pierce County Horse Camp access to get to the PacCrest Trail and north to the Meadows. On the first trip we walked on a foot of snow the whole way, along with a mile of access road to get to Horse Camp. This past Thursday, the access roads were free of snow and the PacCrest Trail was down to numerous small patches of snow and melt water.

We sadly didn’t find our target birds of Pine Grosbeak or Three-toed Woodpeckers, but they have been seen. For county listers, the cabin is in King County and the nearby small Creek is pretty darn close to being the Pierce county line.

On weekends, be mentally prepared for lots of ORV traffic up the Naches Trail access in King County starting late June, not allowed out of Horse Camp. And there is a target shooting quarry you pass on your way up that can get a bit loud on the weekends.

And since I’m doing the snow report- Paradise on Mt Rainer NP is open and has an amazing 6’ plus of snow at the parking lot.

Good birding,

Marcus Roening
Tacoma WA

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