Date: 6/26/20 5:46 pm
From: Ian Clark <ian...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Bluebird cam, Thursday's video and Friday's news.
The bluebirds tended to rebuilding the nest in the box by Tuesday things
were back in order. Both bluebirds have been sticking close to the nest
since they started the overhaul. That's different behavior than we saw with
the first brood. The first time, they got the nest ready and more or less
disappeared for several days. Our wrens are still checking the other box on
the deck several times a day. My suspicion is the bluebirds are protecting
against them. But, they've all been in fairly close proximity in front of
the deck without incident. Anyone have other ideas?

Thursday morning, Mrs. Moody laid the first egg of the second brood, that's
the highlight of the video. On Friday, we got a second egg. I haven't
reviewed the video yet, I should have caught it. I'll get it uploaded when I

Thursday's video:

Gallery with all of the episodes from the second brood:

And a bonus! The Upper Valley has a pair of new loons. One chick hatched
yesterday, the second today. Take a look at their pix:


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