Date: 6/26/20 12:29 pm
From: Tom Berriman <blackpoll...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] 2010 Blowdown @ Victory
It's been 10 years since a destructive rain and wind storm knocked down
about 30 to 40 acres of conifers just off the River road in Victory Wildlife
Management area. After a logging contractor cleared the fallen trees the 40
acres became a Birding Hotspot. It was an excellent area to bird before the
'Blowdown' but with the clearing and new growth the variety of species found
there greatly increased. 10 years ago you could access the whole area on
trails made by the log skidders. Today access is mainly by the logging
road/trail that cuts through the center of the Blowdown area. With the
attempt to introduce Spruce Grouse back into The Victory WMA several years
ago it was possible to find Spruce Grouse, Black-backed Woodpeckers, Canada
Jays and Boreal Chickadees in this one area although the hardest to find was
the Boreal Chickadee and still is in Victory. Each year after the fallen
trees where removed it was always exciting to see what new species would
make this a place to breed in. Olive-sided, Yellow-bellied, and Alder
Flycatchers along with Swainson's Thrush began to be seen. And of course
Mourning Warbler, Canada Warbler, Chestnut-sided Warbler and Palm Warbler
began breeding as well. Last year I found an Eastern Towhee, a bird now
making its way into Essex County. This morning I spent a few hours there
just to see how things are progressing. Most of the cleared areas are
growing in rapidly and access into them is difficult but I managed to
bushwhack into a few and was surprised to find several species of warblers
are still using it as a place to breed. In the Fall it is a favorite place
to catch views of immature migrating warblers. My report is just from the
Blowdown area.


Tom Berriman

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