Date: 6/26/20 12:05 pm
From: Chris Rimmer <crimmer...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Mansfield Week 4 update
No blog post this week, but we mist netted a total of 50 birds on VCE's
ridgeline study site Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. Vocal activity
has subsided somewhat, with most birds now on nests with eggs or young (all
females showed incubation/brood patches that were either fully-developed or
in early stages of regression). Conditions were cool and windier than they
have been, which kept captures down. We again slept under the stars,
enjoying a low volume of human activity overall. With the toll road opening
tomorrow, that will change during future weeks' sessions, but we'll look
forward to some physically-distanced visitors.

Outside our nets, notable encounters included a pair of Broad-winged Hawks
over the ridgeline on Wed. evening and a flock of 8 White-winged
Crossbills calling in flight Thursday morning. The Smuggler's Notch raven
family entertained us raucously throughout. We had our first 2 Swainson's
Thrush captures of the season, while 'PUFIgeddon' diminished, with only 2
males heard singing and only 2 new captures (11 last week).

Our two-day capture total:

Sharp-shinned Hawk -- 1 new male, in same net as last week's bird
Brown Creeper -- 1 female with regressing brood patch
Ruby-crowned Kinglet -- 1 male
Bicknell's Thrush -- 12: new SY male and female, 2 2019 returns (one banded
as a hatching-year bird on 18 Sept), 8 within-season recaptures
Swainson's Thrush -- 2 females, first captures of year
American Robin -- 2: new female with regressing brood patch, return male
from 2017
Purple Finch -- 2 new SY males (2020 banding total = 23 individuals)
Dark-eyed Junco (Slate-colored) -- 8: 4 new, 4 within-season recaptures (1
male, 3 females)
White-throated Sparrow -- 5 new bandings (3 males, 2 females)
Black-and-white Warbler -- 1 SY male; unusual on ridgeline in June
Blackpoll Warbler -- 6: 2 new males, 4 within-season recaptures
Black-throated Blue Warbler -- 1 SY male
Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle) -- 8: 5 new bandings, 1 return male from
2016, 2 within-season recaps

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