Date: 6/26/20 9:11 am
From: Jeffrey Bryant <jbryant_68...>
Subject: [Tweeters] CORVID PHOTOS NEEDED
Again, I must reach out to Tweeters for help with an upcoming project for Washington Coast Magazine. The mag has suddenly been resurrected from its COVID-induced death, and I’ll need to provide an article by July 16. Intended topic: the wily corvids of WA’s outer coast. The article practically writes itself, but I have NOT had time to amass amazing photos of the local corvids, namely COMMON RAVEN, AMERICAN CROW, STELLER’S JAY, CALIFORNIA SCRUB-JAY.
I desperately need magazine-quality shots of these magnificent birds doing all the things we (I can’t be the only one) love them for. Particularly desirable would be pics of a winter crow roost (or large flocks en route,) corvids mobbing a predator, an occupied nest, or the grail shot: side-by-side comparison of crow and raven. Any shots of corvids doing wacky stuff are great, too! I once watched a raven repeatedly tobogganing down a snowdrift at the Grand Canyon, for example, but have no photographic proof…
PLEASE send full-size photo files without stamps/watermarks to me at <jbryant_68...> As always, there’s no cash prize, just the satisfaction of seeing your photo, properly credited, in print. Of course, you’d also get a free copy of the magazine when it comes out in September.
The Tweeters community has proved a great resource before. Tweets, don’t fail me now!

jeff Bryant

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