Date: 6/25/20 9:17 pm
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Subject: Re: [Tweeters] Swarovski Scope Repair Experience
I’ve had very good luck with Swarovski. Last summer I sent my spotting scope in for repair via Seattle Audubon. The scope was returned in a few weeks.

After having the scope repaired, I sent my Leica Ultravid Binoculars in for renewal and some repair work. I used the Leica shop in Bellevue Square. A 90- day turnaround was promised. The actual repair time was approximately 60-days with no charge. Several years ago, I had a similar experience with Leica. They totally messed up the repair. They finally ended up replacing the binoculars, with the UltraVids. The shop told me that the repair service had been improved and it definitely has been.

Tom Merritt

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Subject: [Tweeters] Swarovski Scope Repair Experience

Yo Tweets,

4 weeks ago, in a moment of carelessness, my tripod fell over. The impact snapped the tripod attachment cleat off at the barrel of my Swarovski spotting scope, but fortunately didn't damage the optics. I resigned myself to several months without a scope, right in the middle of Cooper's Hawk season. To my amazement, the turnaround on the repair done at Swarovski's Rhode Island office was a mere 22 days from shipping to receipt of the fully repaired scope. And this in the time of COVID. Very impressive customer service.

I'll contrast that to 18 months ago, when my Leica binoculars needed a sticky focus wheel lubricated. That took 4 months and near the end, some complaining to get them back.

Ed Deal

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