Date: 6/25/20 4:14 pm
From: Caleb Centanni <caleb...>
Subject: [obol] Baker Co. Probable Breeding Least Flycatchers, Red-eyed Vireos
Hi all,

Courtney and I got permission today to survey the Daly Creek WHMA, owned by
Idaho Power Company, south of Richmond in East Baker County. We found at
least three LEAST FLYCATCHERS and at least five RED-EYED VIREOS in the
extensive Black Cottonwood gallery on the west end of the reservoir of the
Powder River south of Richland. One likely pair of Least Flycatchers were
seen together, one singing emphatically, and a third Least was located by a
double-noted call new to us, and then seen and studied well. All Red-eyed
Vireos were singing from high in the Cottonwoods.

Checklists with recordings of Leasts:

The location has the best habitat for Yellow-billed Cuckoo we've seen on
our search through Eastern Oregon for some historical breeders (ghosts, as
we call them: Upland Sandpiper, Blue Grosbeak, and Yellow-billed Cuckoo).
The YB Chats in this location sound unusually like they are imitating
several Cuckoo call types, perhaps which they have heard before. We will
definitely be back. If anyone wants to bird the location, they should seek
permission from the Idaho Power Company.

Best wishes and good birds to all,

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