Date: 6/24/20 8:18 am
From: Elise W <ewolf97...>
Subject: [obol] Pied Billed Grebe information needed
Any chance there is someone on this listserve who has a good bit of
information on breeding Pied Billeds? I have all the information from the
Birds of North America available, so my questions are about specific
behaviors of parents and chicks. For one, if the babies are just hatched
and on the platform, how long do the parents stay gone? Are they secretive
enough to leave a baby on the nest and hide (submarine in the reeds) if a
paddle boarder got close to nest? Could the paddle boarder reasonably never
see the parents near the nest when the paddle boarder was close?

Yes, I have a baby, and no the finders did not see the parents at all for
hours. So are they dead or hiding. Yes, returning the baby is the best
thing to do. One baby was dead in the water. The finders did not take till
day two of looking. Yes, a really top birder will be going to look for me.

Any suggestions would be helpful. (How could both parents be gone?).
Thanks. Email or text if you know me.

Elise Wolf
Sisters, OR

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