Date: 6/23/20 11:23 am
From: <dgrainger...>
Subject: Re: [Tweeters] bird movement now (?)
Port Townsend WA: we have a pair of Towhees that have been here a long
time; I think they are the same couple that were here last summer and
spring. Obviously a mated pair, but they have yet to bring their kids to
On 2020-06-23 10:37, Marcy D'Addio wrote:
> I believe I have 2 juvenile Pine Siskins at my feeder in Redmond, WA.
> I don't recall seeing them before. And our solitary juv Spotted
> Towhee has been around for a week.
> -Marcy D'Addio
> Redmond, WA
> On Tue, Jun 23, 2020 at 10:09 AM pan <panmail...> wrote:
>> Tweets,
>> My urban Seattle yard has only had one towhee I know of, for a few
>> moments in passing. So just now, I was surprised to hear a high
>> buzzing I didn't know, then see the source: a juvenile Spotted
>> Towhee, all brown and mottley, barely recognizable save for the long
>> tail with white spots when it flew a bit. They do not breed in this
>> neighborhood, though probably in Volunteer Park for or five blocks
>> away. Perhaps now is a good time for a youngster of a resident
>> species barely grown to leave its family to find its own spot (?).
>> On reflection, I do see a lot of young robins moving about in late
>> spring/early summer, not all from known local pairs, but they have
>> more complicated seasonal movements. Birds of the World on line
>> does say immature towhees stay on and near parents' territories for
>> awhile (sounds like a matter of weeks), then disappear, but nothing
>> much more.
>> 23 July, 2020,
>> Alan Grenon
>> Seattle
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