Date: 6/22/20 5:55 pm
From: Jared Katz <000003825c43bc1a-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] PSA Bird health and respect
Hi Susan,

Good idea. THat day I don’t know if I could have used my phone at that point. But most days I certainly could, and will.


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> On Jun 22, 2020, at 12:38 PM, Susan Elliott <00000032e9152660-dmarc-request...> wrote:
>  I keep the local game warden's number on my phone. Even if it his not his area, he can put me in touch with the right person. Sometimes they can't get there in time, but sometimes they can. One time at Dead Creek, someone was getting too close to and following a Snowy Owl. Fortunately a warden came by and got right after him.
> Sue Elliott
> On Monday, June 22, 2020, 10:26:50 AM EDT, Jared Katz <000003825c43bc1a-dmarc-request...> wrote:
> On the 20th, as I was completing a ride for NAACP_LDF, I rode down Bostwick Rd in Shelburne past the Osprey platform. There was a man (bearded I think) with a red or maroon sedan (I think), who was in the field taking photos of the Osprey. The Osprey was already stressed by the 90+ temps and was not looking pleased at the presence of this man. I yelled to him twice that he was too close. After 230 miles in the saddle I was too tired to stop and interact with him. Please, please, please, do not sacrifice the comfort, safety, livelihood of wildlife for a photograph. If a bird looks like it doesn't want you around, if it looks like it's out of place, give it room.
> If anyone knows who was taking the photo on Saturday around 2:30PM, please let him know that it's uncool to take photos at the expense of an animal's health.
> Jared
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