Date: 6/22/20 5:22 pm
From: Ed Newbold <ednewbold1...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Let's catch up with Football, Baseball, Basketball and NASCAR

 Hi all

Birders can’t make Black Lives Matter go away, nor shouldthey want to.  We need to join the sportslisted in the subject line and make it eminently clear that we joyously welcomeBlack birders to our ranks, we understand the risks they take and we hope thatwe can have their back.


The color bar in Baseball fell in 1947 with the heroism ofJackie Robinson, backed up by the determination of Dodger President BranchRickey to do the right thing.


For those of us who think of ourselves as white, now is thetime we must channel that spirit of Branch Rickey but in a sport that will probablybe the very last that will ever be able to say, unequivocally, that its colorbar has been totally broken—birding involves the whole country and all of its people.


We must do this for the sake of these wonderful youngbirders, and we must do it for the planet.


Thanks all,


Ed Newbold

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