Date: 6/22/20 7:26 am
From: Jared Katz <000003825c43bc1a-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] PSA Bird health and respect
On the 20th, as I was completing a ride for NAACP_LDF, I rode down Bostwick Rd in Shelburne past the Osprey platform. There was a man (bearded I think) with a red or maroon sedan (I think), who was in the field taking photos of the Osprey. The Osprey was already stressed by the 90+ temps and was not looking pleased at the presence of this man. I yelled to him twice that he was too close. After 230 miles in the saddle I was too tired to stop and interact with him. Please, please, please, do not sacrifice the comfort, safety, livelihood of wildlife for a photograph. If a bird looks like it doesn't want you around, if it looks like it's out of place, give it room.
If anyone knows who was taking the photo on Saturday around 2:30PM, please let him know that it's uncool to take photos at the expense of an animal's health.

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