Date: 6/21/20 7:20 pm
From: Aaron Skirvin <umatbirder...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Goldeneyes
I received a question in a private post about where the C. Goldeneyes are
nesting at Langdon Lake: natural cavities, trees, or possibly in cavities
in cliffs, and thought I would reply to the whole list. Only the west side
of Langdon Lake (a small, privately owned reservoir) is public land - USFS
Woodward Campground. The rest of the lake and lake shore are private and
posted, occupied by homes and cabins. The vegetation around the lake is
mature Englemann Spruce forest. The topography is relatively flat (no
cliffs within 1.5 miles. Near the SW corner of the lake, someone has put up
3 Wood Duck nest boxes. The boxes are mounted on trees, and the goldeneyes
are apparently nesting in those boxes. But I have not actually seen the
ducks at or in the nesting boxes. The boxes are on private land, and there
could be more boxes that are not visible from the campground. No other
cavity-nesting ducks breed at the lake - Mallard is the only other breeding
waterfowl. Pileated Woodpeckers and flickers nest in the vicinity and could
also provide nesting sites for the goldeneyes.

Aaron Skirvin

On Sun, Jun 21, 2020 at 3:50 PM Aaron Skirvin <umatbirder...> wrote:

> Common Goldeneyes have bred at Langdon Lake (Tollgate, Umatilla County)
> every year since at least 2004, including this year. Three adult male C.
> Goldeneyes were with 2 adult females on the lake on May 27 this year. Mark
> Ludwick photographed a female with 8 ducklings on June 8 (first report of
> ducklings this year). On June 12, I saw 4 adult females, one with 3
> ducklings. Mary Betz reported (eBird) 2 females and 8 ducklings on Langdon
> Lake, yesterday.
> I've never seen a Barrow's Goldeneye on Langdon Lake, only Common
> Goldeneyes. C. Goldeneyes arrive in spring as soon as the lake is ice free.
> Males usually depart by June 1, leaving the females to raise the broods. I
> believe any spring or early summer reports of Barrow's Goldeneyes,
> especially females, on the Langdon Lake are misidentified C. Goldeneyes.
> It's possible Barrow's may occasionally stop over on the lake during fall
> migration?
> Aaron Skirvin
> Pendleton
> On Sun, Jun 21, 2020 at 2:54 PM Alan Contreras <acontrer56...>
> wrote:
>> There seem to be plenty of summering Common Goldeneye this year. Sean
>> Cozart found two at Thief Valley Res on the Union-Baker line this week.
>> They have bred at Tollgate and apparently also at Jubilee Lk in NE Oregon
>> in prior years. Any sign of breeding this year?
>> Alan Contreras
>> <acontrer56...>
>> Eugene, Oregon

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