Date: 6/20/20 1:51 pm
From: Ian Clark <ian...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Return of the Bluebirds!
The wrens got our hopes up before moving on. The song sparrows are singing
and it looks like we've got three active nests in the yard. Robert O'Link
has a nest in the front yard. Turkeys are coming and going with poults. The
tree swallows are delivering groceries to their box. And, the chicks from
the first brood of bluebirds are out and about, we often see them foraging
in the yard. Felix the catbird stopped by the deck rail to chat this
afternoon. Even, Thelonious, our chipmunk has been putting in an appearance
- and demanding peanuts. What more could we ask for?

How about more bluebirds? On Friday, Mr. & Mrs. did a through house
inspection of the box they used before. Yesterday, they started tidying it
up. Mrs. is now rebuilding the nest.

My working server didn't like the extra traffic from the videos, so I've
switched to my public server. The service I'm using is converting the video,
they claim it is viewable on 'all major platforms.' But, it looks like an
FLV file to me. Let me know if this works:


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