Date: 6/20/20 10:02 am
From: Tim Brennan <tsbrennan...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Sawmill Creek - 7030 washout query
Hey Garrett,

Thanks for the update! I was up in that general area, although I stopped even earlier on 7030 because of the washout at the bottom. I've taken my poor Taurus on some pretty bad roads, and just kind of chickened out from driving through the rocky stream bed that 7030 had become. It was only about 30 feet of sketchy stuff, and I saw other cars had made it through - How was that washout looking yesterday?

For everyone else, I can give updates on Government Meadows. I haven't been up there in nearly ten years, but was largely able to find my way up. At one point I did park the car on 7080 and just hiked the Naches Trail to the meadows. This was about three miles up and back, and passed a lot of nice wet meadow habitat. Lincoln's and Chipping Sparrows were pretty plentiful, and I found FOY Gray Jays and Pine Grosbeak (a county lifer that I have neglected to go up and get for a few years now!) The trail itself was pretty manageable, despite being covered in snow in places - it was firm enough to just walk over it. In places where the trail was a muddy stream, there were usually other options as well. The other highlight was a family of Elk - vocalizing. . . but not bugling?? I'm not sure how those calls are classified, but I know it was fun to hear them!



Tim Brennan

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