Date: 6/20/20 8:15 am
From: Gretchen Nareff <marshbirder...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] Bennington County Osprey nest
I have seen the Osprey chase off on separate occasions an adult and an
immature Bald Eagle as well as a Red-tailed Hawk. Seems like prime real
estate for some. The Osprey could provide some protection to the herons if
they can win the territory next year.


On Sat, Jun 20, 2020 at 7:09 AM Sharon Turner <sharxxturner...>

> Hello! My husband thought he saw bald eagles building a nest in the
> vicinity of the Osprey nest. I remember something about an eagle sighted
> in that vicinity. What was the eagle doing?
> Sharon
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> From: Gretchen Nareff <marshbirder...>
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> Subject: [VTBIRD] Bennington County Osprey nest
> Good morning. Both adult Osprey were perched in the nest this morning, in
> the previously discussed wetland in Arlington, along Route 7. Based on
> behavior, I don't believe they have any eggs and I'm very curious to see
> what their plans are for the rest of the breeding season.
> --
> Gretchen E. Nareff
> Bennington, VT
Gretchen E. Nareff
Bennington, VT
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