Date: 6/19/20 3:49 pm
From: Garrett Haynes <garrettwhaynes...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Sawmill Creek Burn Update 6-19-20
Hello Tweeters,

First off a thank you to Matt Dufort and Sam Terry for letting everyone else on to this area and the King county rarities there.

I went up there this morning to check it out and getting there is as Matt described it and I should have planned for a longer walk, but I wasn't prepared and decided not to go the whole way there. Here are the details:

You can't drive all the way to the turn off road for the hotspot due to snow on NF-7034 where the road peaks at Sawmill Ridge. I parked where the snow started and started walking in. From there Google maps showed that it was 1.5 miles from the snow to where the Sawmill Creek Burn Road turns off on the west hand side and wiggles its way down to the burn area. If you use google maps to direct you, it doesn't take you directly to the hotspot but directs you further down NF-7034 about .7 miles past the turn. So, the burn road is 1.5 miles from the snow spot, and .7 miles before the end of Google maps directions. Hope that makes sense?

The walk to the burn is downhill the whole way and probably about 4 miles from where you have to park, so if you want to go all the way there plan for about an 8 mile round trip walk, where the whole way back is uphill.

Once the snow clears off the road in the next couple weeks, you could drive all the way there. However bring someone with you as there are at least three small trees that will need to be dragged off the road and some sizable rocks moved in order to drive down. I am looking forward to going out there again once it's drive-able and hopefully seeing some of those rare birds.

Happy birding!

Garrett Haynes
Auburn, WA

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