Date: 6/19/20 6:43 am
From: Mary Garrard <springazure1...>
Subject: [obol] COVID-19 and birding in Lincoln County
Hi everyone, you may or may not know that Lincoln County has had a large outbreak of COVID-19 with 145 cases in a seafood processing plant, as of early June. There are also 7 cases at Local Ocean, a favorite restaurant on the Newport bayfront, and I have heard a rumor that there were a number of cases at the Fred Meyer store in Newport but that’s not confirmed. Lincoln County Health Department has mandated masks.

In light of this, I hope that birders will avoid Lincoln County and perhaps other coastal communities. The risk may be low, especially on a single day visit, but an unexpected event—a sprained ankle, a flat tire—could add a small burden to community resources. Further, we should assume that there is community spread, and it would be unfortunate to seed more cases into the area, or take cases away.

The economic and emotional pain of the pandemic is deep and real and unlikely to end anytime soon despite the wishful thinking of some. Best of health to all.

Happy summer birding!


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