Date: 6/18/20 5:11 pm
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Subject: [Tweeters] Marymoor Park (Redmond, King Co.) 2020-06-18
Tweets – the weather was gorgeous today for this almost-solstice walk. Pre-dawn had some low-lying fog, but from the Viewing Mound, Mt. Rainier was stunningly clear in the orange light. The moon was a thin waning crescent. To the left, and a little below the moon, Venus was the thinnest of waxing crescents like a mini-me for the moon. Stunning in the scope. Lots of singing today, and lots of baby birds and baby bird sounds.

a.. Gadwall – male, and I think one female. These are only occasionally seen at Marymoor in late-June through August
b.. Pied-billed Grebe – TWO across the slough from the Lake Platform, with one possibly sitting on a nest amongst the cattails
c.. Eurasian Collared-Dove – one landed in a tree near the East Kiosk
d.. Virginia Rail – one making calls near the Lake Platform. Only Eric saw it, though
e.. American Coot – lone bird remains at the Lake Platform – our first ever for Week 25th. They are mostly absent June-August
f.. Barn Owl – Matt heard what sounded like a juvenile calling across the slough from the windmill VERY EARLY this morning
g.. Red-breasted Sapsucker – three juveniles chasing each other around a tree
h.. Downy Woodpecker – parent feeding young
i.. Hairy Woodpecker – one north of the east end of the boardwalk
j.. Red-eyed Vireo – one heard singing, while we were looking at the Indigo Bunting
k.. Northern Rough-winged Swallow – several seen
l.. EVENING GROSBEAK – six flew south, calling, over the mansion
m.. INDIGO BUNTING – continuing 1st-year male, singing frequently, flying from tree-to-tree in the middle of the off-leash area, east of Dog Central
Misses today included Green Heron and Cliff Swallow. We were disappointed not to see either species of Kingbird, after both were repeatedly seen between our last survey and today’s.

For the day, 68 species.

= Michael Hobbs
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