Date: 6/17/20 11:40 am
From: Devorah the Ornithologist <birdologist...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Australia’s Night Parrots Can’t See At Night
Hello everyone,

as an evolutionary ecologist, I am absolutely fascinated by animals that
have not evolved to fit their niche. Such is the case for a bird: A recent
study reports that the night parrot, an elusive and critically endangered
nocturnal parrot that lives in the middle of Australia’s arid outback, ‘has
not evolved to see in the dark’, putting it at risk of crashing into
fences, and possibly contributing to its endangered status. Needless to
say, this finding will stimulate countless more studies in the future into
this truly weird situation.

Australia’s Night Parrots Can’t See At Night

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thank you for reading.

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