Date: 6/16/20 10:50 am
From: J Christian Kessler <1northraven...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Kittitas County question
Sunday I birded Kittitas Co. from west of Cle Elum (2 sites) to east of
Kittitas (the town), including Quilomene (where I got Sage Thrashers & one
Brewers Sparrow despite the winds of over 20 mph). But I never saw a
single Magpie anywhere. Weather on iPhone said winds were 22 mph in
Ellensburg, I would think more like 25 mph out on the prairie, but still
saw crows, one battered TV, but nary a Magpie even in the cottonwood along
Parke Creek Rd or Stevens Rd (where the Yellow-headed Blackbirds seem to
have relocated). I'd be interested in thoughts as to why no Magpies.

Chris Kessler

"moderation in everything, including moderation"
Rustin Thompson

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