Date: 6/16/20 8:17 am
From: Harry Armistead <harryarmistead...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Elliott Island Road, June 14, 2020
JUNE 14, SUNDAY. George and I work Elliott Island Road in the large sense { in sensu lato, as they used to say in Herculaneum; i.e.: also including Lewis Wharf Road, Kraft Neck Road, and Drawbridge Road). 8:15 A.M. - 1:15 P.M. clear, cool, low 60s - 77, winds NNE 15+, high tide. Nice to just take our time, with no agenda. 66 species (ph means species photographed, multiple times, and well; frame fillers), including:

saltmarsh sparrow 7 (ph), seaside sparrow 43 (ph), marsh wren 42, Virginia rail 20 (2 seen; a lot of spontaneous vocalizations: “ki-dick, ki-dick, ki-dick, ki-dick), black-necked stilt 3, common gallinule 5, least bittern 3 (3 well-seen flybys), greater yellowlegs 2, American black duck 4, pileated woodpecker 1, wood duck 11 (including a hen with 7 downy ducklings on Drawbridge Road), willet 7 (ph), brown pelican 2, snowy egret 11, great egret 3 (I didn’t see ANY here in May!?), bald eagle 14, brown-headed nuthatch 2 of the little things, swamp sparrow 8 (singing birds), eastern meadowlark 3, boat-tailed grackle 5, prothonotary warbler 3, blue-gray gnatcatcher 2, red-tailed hawk 2, yellow-billed cuckoo 2, Acadian flycatcher 2, red-eyed Vireo 5, white-eyed vireo 2, yellow warbler 1. terns 0. Canada goose 21. common yellowthroat 18. osprey 17 (at least 6 nests on lower Elliott Island Road).

Now THAT is a good visit, eh? But … 0 northern harriers is worrisome. There are plenty of clapper rails along parts if EIR, but we didn’t stop at the 4 best places for them.

the non-avian: sika deer 1, raccoon 1 d.o.r. being attended by a black vulture (yummy), painted turtle 12, diamond-backed terrapin 2 (on the roads; “rescued”). Without George’s good hearing most of these numbers would be half what is reported here, or even worse. LOTS of anglers and boaters.

Best wishes, best health to all.- Harry Armistead, Bellevue, MD.

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