Date: 6/16/20 5:13 am
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Subject: [obol] Re: [ADV] ode to an Eastern Kingbird

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Sent: Tuesday, June 16, 2020 5:07:54 AM
Subject: [ADV] [obol] ode to an Eastern Kingbird

White-breasted bird
I want to see.
Why do you always hide from me?
Others find you easily,
But I cannot. This is absurd.

You come not often to our coast,
Only every now and then,
Closer to five times than ten.
But when you do, well that is when
I always search for you the most.

Three times I've searched for you, now four,
Every time to no avail.
Every time I did but fail.
And so, thus ends this sad, sad tale.
I will search for you no more.

But do you have a rival? Yes!
The orchard bird treats me the same.
Four times it's played its hiding game.
So you and oriole share the name
of being my bird nemesis.

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