Date: 6/15/20 11:10 am
From: Kevin Smith <kevinsmithnaturephotos...>
Subject: [obol] All's quiet on the Southern front
What a difference a day makes.  Saturday (windy) and the parents were
all feeding kids like crazy.  But on Sunday (still WINDY) the parents
started enticing the nestling to come out.  Fledglings of all stripes. 
Western Bluebirds, Mountain Chickadees, House finches, Lesser
Goldfinches, Scrub Jays, Northern Flickers, they ALL presented their
progeny for the world to see on the same day. A frenzy of feathers
wondering where to go and just how to get there with those 'new' things
sprouting from their bodies.  'I want to go HERE but THEY want to go
THERE.'  'I want to down, but they force me to go UP!'

I have always wondered just how do Flicker Mums and Dads make it through
raising their nestlings and fledglings with out getting wounded.  Oh,
and include the hummingbird parents too.  My goodness sword swallowers
at the fair have nothing to brag about. Have you wondered why the
parent's beak doesn't come out the b-hinds of the poor nestlings?

Next up the Crows, American Goldfinches and Ash-throated parents will be
showing off their kids.  And have you been to the Prineville Wetlands??
We were there just a few days ago and nests were being built and eggs
laid.  it won't be long before the place will be alive with youngsters,
Oh, wait a minute.  It already IS.  The early bird gets the worm?  Geese
and ducks have kids.  The Yellow-headed Blackbirds adults are feeding. 
Although WE are not yet 'allowed' to come out because of #19 the world
hasn't stopped.

Hark!  Our first 'Spotty' of the year.  Oh, just a Mule Deer spotty.
(yeah, just)

Kevin Smith

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