Date: 6/13/20 4:48 pm
From: Jeff Harding <jeffharding...>
Subject: [obol] Purple Martins near Crabtree, Linn County
The colony nesting at the edge of our woods, next to grass seed fields seems
to be growing. There were at least six birds in the area, possible eight.
Two or three pairs seem to be nesting in the metal crossarms of a utility
pole at a corner of our property. The aerial photo in this iNaturalist
observation shows just where they are:

Last year I never saw more than two or three martins, and they were
generally at the next power pole further north, using a woodpecker hole in
the north side of that pole. This is a remarkable adaptation, and I hope it
works for them. Starlings use the same sort of site, and were feeding young
last week in the crossarms of a pole located where this lane meets Griggs
Drive, to the south.

The location is private; I give the location because it seems interesting. I
hope no one tries to drive up my neighbor's lane. I would be happy to take
someone back there through our woods.

There are photos and recordings here:

Good birding,


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