Date: 6/13/20 3:50 pm
From: <dgrainger...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Alpha male Annas hummer with missing flight feathers
Port Townsend today between rain showers I got some photos of the
resident Alpha male Annas who guards from three different treetops but
makes a high speed flight down to defend feeders. This moment he was in
the Hotlips flowers having some lunch, and I got a number of photos.
When I looked at them I realized that there is a symmetrical gap of
missing wing feathers on each side and a group of much shorter new
feathers growing back in but not for the whole gap. (Photo up on
website). My assumption is that as a very aggressive little guy he lost
them to another bird or that my neighbor's cat had a grip on him from
which he escaped. The fact that each wing has exactly the same pattern
of gap and new growth makes me suspect a feline culprit. This is not
impairing his flight skills nor territorial behavior at all.
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