Date: 6/13/20 12:06 pm
From: Ellen Blackstone <ellenblackstone...>
Subject: [Tweeters] BirdNote, last week and the week of June 14, 2020
Hello, Tweeters,

Enjoy the latest episode of Sound Escapes with Gordon Hempton:
Pipestone Canyon in eastern Washington State
Heard last week on BirdNote:
* Scarlet Tanagers Hidden Under the Canopy
* Loons Go Fishing
* Tony Angell, on a Feeding Frenzy of Gulls
* The Song of the Woodlark
* Tallgrass Prairie
* Helpers at the Nest - Brown Jays' Communal Nest
* Voices and Vocabularies - Great Horned Owls
Next week on BirdNote: Two Meadowlarks -- And a Poem
+ A Bird of Extravagant Style -- the Paradise Whydah
+ Summer Solstice, Hermit Thrush, and more
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