Date: 6/13/20 7:59 am
From: Jeanne Wisner <jeewiz15...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] June 13, 2020: Coyote Hollow, Thetford Center
Short response to Ted levin..... are you making a book of these daily essays? I would love to buy it to hold and reread. They are a glowing beginning. To my every day. Thank you!!

Jeanne Wisner

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> On Jun 13, 2020, at 10:38 AM, Ted Levin <tedlevin1966...> wrote:
> 5:17 a.m. 49 degrees, wind WNW 2 mph. Sky: a moveable feast of color and
> shape; unevenly overcast and amorphous with blushes of pink in the east,
> congestion and less colorful in the west; eastern sky morphs to
> cotton-balls and gauze, which slide past a half-moon; fractures and
> separates as time goes on. Mistless dawn. On the pond: duck trail through a
> veneer of pollen. No sign of duck, which shelters in the wetlands. Lone
> green frog twangs; needs to be tuned.
> Proclamations: Nashville warbler loud and clear; black-throated blue not as
> loud, not as clear; ovenbird, yellowthroat, red-eyed video, swamp sparrow.
> Shameless chestnut-sided warbler sings right in front of me; I can almost
> touch him; an altogether beautiful bird—yellow crown, black mask and
> mustache, white throat, chest, and belly, chestnut sides, wings and back
> streaked black and white. A veery, volume turned down, spins a subtle
> version of his song, soft and distant but still grand. Robin, possibly the
> very same one I watched yesterday, searches the road; finds another smashed
> June bug . . . swallows and blinks.
> Every morning's walk is deliciously different, each a line in an endless
> manuscript multi-authored by clouds, trees, streams, mammals, amphibians,
> turtles, and birds. Edited by the seasons and by trends, some
> surreptitious, some blatant, some unknown. A narrative influenced by time
> beyond reckoning. Snakes make cameo appearances, solemn as prophets,
> unspooling on the fringe. Insects may hijack a plotline, of which there are
> many . . . for a spell. Narrative threads, like cloudscapes, unstable,
> ever-evolving. Things too small to describe may have already composed the
> ending. Every valley is an ongoing tale. I see such a *very *small part of
> my valley's improbable and dependable details; and no two people could
> *ever* read this day or this valley (any valley) quite the same. What makes
> this manuscript worthwhile, what tethers me to these walks, besides the
> fact I'm part of the story, is the predictability of change. An
> inexhaustible commodity. The only constant in a constantly unpredictable
> world.
> On the road: A piece of luna moth wing, pink and pale green, like heaven
> and Earth.
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