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I was able to listen to and see the Wood Thrush as posted by Kevin. It was actively singing as I left at 1920. At times it would perch near the top of a tree to sing. For me it was hanging around the old wooden cabin nearby the original spot described

4201'32.0"N 12205'58.8"W


Drive south from Kfalls on 97 into California and into the town of Dorris. At the sharp left turn, continue straight on 1st street which quickly becomes Picard
Drive 5.1 miles from 97 on the paved road until the paved road turns left.
Instead of turning left, go straight onto a gravel road, that over times becomes rougher and rougher.
At 6.9 miles you reach the Canyon rim.
I was able to drive down with my 4 runner (needed low 4 wheel to get back up) as described below. The road goes right to the pinned spot.
Great area

BTW Oregon #450

Thanks to Kevin and Frank

Steve Kornfeld

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Getting to Wood Thrush.
First, we both thought it seemed territorial; singing, feeding, sticky around the general area.
Second: At the very least, high clearance vehicle driving down into the canyon, with 4 wheel drive preferred in some Rocky spots. Or, leave vehicle at top and hike down on the road. Easy downhill hiking in, about 2 miles I'd say in, taking time on uphill hike/climb out. We hiked in because it is a rough road, but I didn't feel like beating my wheels up on my Tacoma, which could have done it.
You can walk to the location, exact GPS pin, so no brush beating. The pin is where we recorded and got 2 pics, but also heard it closer to the river where the Yellow-breasted Chats are hanging out, and you'll hear them while there.

Kevin Spencer
Klamath Falls

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