Date: 6/12/20 3:41 pm
From: Ian Clark <ian...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] The second feature?
And for the second feature of our matinee, meet Wren Dee.

Wren Dee has stormy eyes

That flash at the sound of lies

And Windy has wings to fly

Above the clouds (above the clouds)....

Dee may have claimed the other box on our deck. Dee is a house wren. They're
known for filling several nesting spots with sticks to deter competitors, so
we'll have to watch a few days to see if the wrens are actually moving in.
Last year, they claimed this box and went on to raise seven chicks.

There's a wasp that has been building in there for a week or ten days, you
can see her on the left.

We're watching a house wren in a box in West Newbury, VT. There's a camera
built into the box to allow us to watch. The camera will record a 12-second
clip when it detects motion (once every five minutes). This clip is 16 of
those 12-second clips spliced together.


Ian Clark
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