Date: 6/12/20 8:05 am
From: Thomas Love <tlove...>
Subject: [obol] Yellow Rail quest
Thanks everyone for the flood of info about YELLOW RAIL locations. I hadn't known about Summer Lake, understanding that the Klamath Basin - and the Upper Klamath marsh at that, was pretty much it in Oregon. I'll be eager to hear Judy's report.

I failed to make clear that I had heard the rails out on Silver Lk Hwy back in the 90s. A memorable wonderful quiet warm starry mid-June night. Such an enigmatic species. My query was about whether that was still viable, given that neither ebird nor Summers's guide seemed to so indicate. My purpose this time is somewhat selfishly twofold - hearing them again after such a long hiatus, and this year especially for having seen the COMMON GALLINULE south of KF earlier this year - so an Oregon Rallidae grand slam.

While we're on it, and as a tip of the hat to our venerable Harry Nehls... As a few of us may remember, Harry saw a YELLOW RAIL at Delta Park (Multnomah Co, for those who don't know) many years ago. Nobody believed him, but he said he had a very good look.


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