Date: 6/11/20 1:37 pm
From: Bill Tice <ticebill7...>
Subject: [obol] Another Good Day at BSNWR
Hi All,
I decided to avoid chores (again) and head to the refuge. There were no
Purple Martins around, and hardly any swallows. I decided to walk along
the road that intersects the east marsh from the main marsh, the one that
goes to the HQs from Colville Rd. In getting to the lower, flat area of
the road, I heard the winnowing of snipe. After about 5 minutes I finally
saw 2 of them, higher up than I expected one to be. So not sure if this
was a pair or 2 males vying for territory. (have any ever bred on the west
side of the Cascades?) Also present were some 25 Ruddy Ducks, 8 of which
were babies. A pair of Lesser Scaup, 2 male wigeon and 1 male GW Teal and
one female BW Teal with ducklings.

They began spraying the field between me and my car, so I felt it best to
wait until they were done. That worked out well because a Bank Swallow
came by, and, I was now able to count 6 Black Terns. Probably a new record
of sorts for the county. It would seem like breeding will take place, and
I saw what may have been some copulation, but, guess they needed their
privacy and I could not verify such.

I then headed over to Morgan Lake where there were both a Clark's and
Western Grebe, which appear to be paired. It would be interesting to see
how long they stay.

Bill Tice

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