Date: 6/11/20 7:54 am
From: Michael Hobbs <birdmarymoor...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Probable Indigo Bunting at Marymoor
We've got what appears to be a male Indigo Bunting at Marymoor Park,
Redmond, King co.

It's in the spirea in the middle/south of the Off-leash area, singing away.

Breast on, it looks entirely like a male Indigo. The flanks have quite a
bit of gray, however. The wings are blacker (less blue) than what Indigo
usually seem to show, but as far as we could see, there were no wing bars.

So we're not sure if this is a first-summer male, or some kind of hybrid.
It does NOT look like any photos we could find in a quick search of the
web looking at Lazuli x Indigo.

- Michael Hobbs

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