Date: 6/9/20 8:21 pm
From: Scott Ramos <lsr...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Magnuson Park Cooper's Hawk family feed
When looking at the Cooper’s Hawk nest below Promontory Point yesterday, I noticed there were no adults nearby so I figured they must be out hunting. Sure enough, when strolling the upper trail, I heard a kek call and discovered the male with newly caught prey sitting on a branch. A moment later, the female came in and displaced the male, grabbing the prey from him. She then proceeded to pluck the bird, remove some of the less desirable entrails, take a few bites for her own sustenance, and when finally deciding the food was in easily digestible form, flew off with prey in talon. I had to hurry down to where I could see the nest where she was already feeding the chicks, of which there are 5 this year. I put together a composite video of the episode:

Note: this is a rather long video, over 8 minutes, but there is a lot going on in this family feed. Including some scenes that may be upsetting to some, but others that are precious.

At the other Cooper’s Hawk nest, the female was sitting; maybe there are now eggs at this nest as well. At least 3 Lazuli Bunting were observed, the Killdeer family is down to a single chick, the Pied-billed Grebe family is down to just two chicks, but on the bright side, the heavy overcast brought in a couple of Black Swifts, first of the year for me.

Scott Ramos

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