Date: 6/9/20 5:37 pm
From: Mark Nikas <elepaio...>
Subject: [obol] Long-eared Owl eats duckling
I was going through photos from a recent visit to Harney County and one
shows a juvenile with a dark duckling in its mouth. I wasn't able to ID
the prey type at the time of the sighting. It's not a Mallard or Canada
Goose but my duckling ID falters after that.

The *Birds Of North America* and *BOGR *accounts indicates N American LE
Owl prey is > 95% rodents with a few other small mammals and passerines
filling out the menu. It's not surprising they would take ducklings at
Malheur NWR. I'm just reporting this here to put an ephemeral record of an
unusual prey item out there.

A photo can be seen at:

Mark Nikas

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