Date: 6/8/20 11:09 pm
From: Ellen Cantor <ellencantor...>
Subject: [obol] Re: question of chat taxonomy
This is exciting and very interesting to read the article as the author
takes us step by step through his thinking process. I had no trouble
accessing the article.

Here's a link to the journal's Table of Contents.

The article is the last one listed, under the title of "Featured Photo".
Excellent photos as well. The listing is a live link, so when you tap on
it, you're taken right to the article.

Thank you Larry!

On Mon, Jun 8, 2020, 9:25 PM Larry McQueen <larmcqueen...> wrote:

> I just received my issue of Western Birds (Vol:51, No.2, 2020). A photo
> on the back cover is of an apparent hybrid Yellow-breasted Chat and an
> Oriole, assumed to be Hooded. The chat had been linked to the family of
> Wood Warblers, not that anyone took that too seriously, as its taxonomy has
> been an egnigma forever, although relations to Icteridae had been
> suspected for some time. Here is a beautiful photo of a chat in typical
> shape, pose and posture with a puzzling plumage.
> I am too excited to read the article before spreading the news.
> The journal "Western Birds" is available online, but a subscription might
> be required to access it.
> Larry

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