Date: 6/8/20 11:50 am
From: Nicholas Martens <nicholas.j.martens...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Possible Ovenbird - Luckiamute (Polk Co.)
Thank you to everyone who weighed in on our apparently oddball Common
Yellowthroat. I'm glad we could pose enough of a curveball that we
were able to hear a diversity of opinions, and forced me to think hard
about what we were hearing -- especially as others have had the same
train of thought as us after similar encounters in the field.
Definitely a learning experience! Here's hoping it's the real deal
next time around.


On Mon, Jun 8, 2020 at 11:25 AM Shawneen Finnegan
<shawneenfinnegan...> wrote:
> Nick:
> Dave and I listened to the song and both felt it sounded like an odd Common Yellowthroat. Ovenbirds are more strident with notes that have a shorter amount of space between the notes and from looking at the sonograms are pretty consistent. Common Yellowthroat songs are much more variable.
> Your sonogram:
> Here is one that visually looks like your sonogram:
> Recording by Henry Burton:
> And here is a typical Ovenbird:
> Hope this helps.
> Shawneen Finnegan
> Beaverton, OR
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