Date: 6/6/20 4:58 pm
From: Ian Clark <ian...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Bluebird cam, Friday & Saturday's clips
Bluebird fans were prompt to let me know I'd missed uploading Friday. Sorry,
I discovered a new bug in my Adobe software that wouldn't let me import the
videos. Finally figured it out and here's the clip.

The chicks are getting some of their first views of the outside world. Looks
to me like they're still undecided if they'd like to participate.

Today's clip is from this morning. Mom shows up with snacks about 4:10.

With the chicks as big as they are, Mom has spent the last couple nights
elsewhere. Last time we saw her in the box overnight was June 3.


MP4: (Just started the upload about 8:00 pm, it may take half an hour or so)


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